Punk Band Drones’ New Album “Our Hell Is Right Here” is Available Now

Drones’ new album “Our Hell is Right Here,” has just been released via Lockjaw Records in the UK and Thousand Island Records in North America. “Our Hell is Right Here,” is a heavy punk album that is lent well by its precise musicianship, clean production and well-crafted lyricism.

With post-hardcore influences, “Our Hell Is Right Here” is a powerful and emotional album all the way through. It holds up its quality both lyrically and musically from start to finish. Every band member is extremely precise with their vocals and instrumentation, and the clean production allows the band to truly shine. There’s a passion and professionalism that is likely a product of a deep love for music and lots of practice.

Drones starts their album strong with, “Please Vacate the Planet,” which sets high expectations that are met through the rest of the album. “Our Hell Is Right Here,” is emotionally and musically dynamic, but it keeps its punky roots held high throughout. Intricate electric guitar lines are prominent within the album, the drums give an extremely tempo-driven beat and heavy bass lines smoothly weave their way into the music. Though it maintains its punk atmosphere, this album doesn’t fail to explore all different facets of punk. It doesn’t refuse to explore the softer and slower side of this wide genre. One of this album’s strongest traits might just be the diversity of sound and the powerful build-up to the stronger moments.

One point in “Our Hell Is Right Here” that displays Drones’ musical power and diversity would have to be through the songs “Manipulate,” “Listen,” and “Learn.”  “Manipulate” utilizes powerful belting vocals and a heavy sound. This is immediately contrasted by “Listen,” a song that takes a different tone from the majority of Drones’ more hardcore sound. This track has rich and somber vocals with smooth acoustic guitar accompanying it. It has a much calmer ballad-like energy. The very end of “Listen,” has an extremely quick build-up into “Learn,” which finds its way back into Drones’ signature heavier tone and energy. The whole record is diverse in sound, but these tracks highlight the succinct musicianship Drones has to offer.

Not only is this album well done musically. There’s a deep lyrical substance that weaves its way into the music track after track. The lyricism in the song Epitaph is a great example of Drones’  poetic and emotional lyricism. “Bruises on my tongue confess the lies that we try to hide. I guess there’s nothing left for me to say except goodnight. Maybe I’m not meant for this world. Maybe I’m not meant to live anymore. Maybe I’m not meant for this world. Maybe I’m not meant to be here at all,” has such an emotional charge behind it. The lyricism pulls the emotion of this album together, and the lyrical quality refuses to falter.

“Our Hell Is Right Here” is an album written with care and based on the personal experiences of the lead singer Lois McDougal. “There are songs on this album that I had to write for my own therapy. Whilst writing this record, I went through a divorce, lost a family member and was battling with my own mental health. At the same time, it felt like the world was falling apart. ‘Our Hell Is Right Here’ is the product of my experiences over the past few months” she says. McDougal had trouble pulling herself to write about personal issues due to the importance of present-day issues, but she knew these songs had to be written to work through what she was going through at the time. It’s meant to highlight all these experiences but is also an album that McDougal says can give her a way to, “now look back and celebrate who I have become in spite of it all.” It has a deep sadness but is also a representation of personal growth.

Drones is made up of vocalist Lois McDougal, guitarist Tom Thain, guitarist/backing vocalist Tim Kramer, bassist/backing vocalist James Kerr and drummer Mitchell Thomas. They have built a reputation for their post-hardcore and punk sound and powerful live performances. Starting with small underground shows, Drones now plays shows for large crowds at big festivals and have packed out headline shows. Drones has been supported by other bands such as Neck Deep, Anti-flag and Gallows. They’re eager to start touring as soon as it’s safe and are set to play Till the Fest in London from the 8th to the 10th of October. You can buy tickets now.

“Our Hell Is Right Here” is currently available on your streaming platform of choice.


Author: Sage Plapp

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