Space Cadet Releases New Single “Start Running Away” ft. Brian Baker of Minor Threat and Bad Religion

“Start Running Away,” by Space Cadet featuring Brian Baker from Minor Threat and Bad Religion is now available to stream or purchase. This track has a groove in its guitar rhythms and a passion in its belted vocals. There’s a low-fidelity quality to the production which lends this track a nostalgic and dreamy feeling. 

”Start Running Away” has a very cohesive sound to it. There’s a pressing tone to the music which fits the poetic lyricism. “Don’t you turn around and come inside / scratching for some peace of mind / as it’s drowning in your shadows / start running away,” the song calls out as the energetic tempo pulls it along. The vocals have a punky edge, and they complement the instrumentation with its bright synthy post-punk guitar lines. Baker’s guitar solo near the end cleanly fits into this track’s bold and artsy character. There’s also a visually artistic music video to go along with “Start Running Away,” featuring dancers, flowers growing and changing, and silhouettes of the performers.

Space Cadet is a post-punk duo composed of Dave Walsh and Matt Hock. Having once played alongside each other in punk band the Explosion, they came back in touch to find that their music ended up growing to sound similar. Both Walsh and Hock took influence from post-punk, brit rock and new wave music. Because of the similarities in sound, the two joined together to create Space Cadet. They have already put together an entire LP produced by The Bouncing Souls’ Pete Steinkopf. This album is called “Lion On A Leash” and is set to release via Wiretap Records on March 26th.

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“…sounds like a cross between Husker Du’s jangly side and early, shoegazy Britpop…”


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