Get to know Ravive and her upcoming EP!

Ravive: the artist fueled by Diet Dr. Pepper is preparing to release her EP “Trauma Response” on April 8th. This is anticipated to be a highly personal collections of songs, as she’s declaring it an “autobiographical collection of dark, alt-fused pop confessionals”. Personally, I always feel as though this type of music connects better to listeners because of those raw and genuine emotions infused in the lyrics. We had the pleasure of (virtually) sitting down with her to ask a few questions about the new music!

MR:With ‘Trauma Response’ being incredibly personal, what’s  the most difficult part of writing so openly about past experiences?

R: I honestly have always written this way, in a very open-hearted, open-ended way, so the actual writing part isn’t too difficult. But the hardest thing is putting myself in a position where I’m reliving these events. I have to kind of put myself back there mentally to write about them in detail, and that part can be quite hard.

MR:What do you hope for people to listen to take away from the music?

R: Art and creativity being a means of therapy. It doesn’t have to be music, it can be in any capacity. But I hope that others listen to Trauma Response and maybe find the motivation to release their inner struggles through a creative outlet, whether it be painting, or sculpting, or creative writing. Anything at all.

MR-Following the EP release, what are your future plans?

R: I’m honestly not sure! Probably going to get right back into writing new music, I’m really enjoying this flow of releasing music on a regular basis. 

MR: What song are you most excited to release off the EP?

R: “Built To Be Sad” has always been the song for me. It was written and recorded a long time ago, over a year ago, and I’ve been sitting on it for the right time. I think it really defines Ravive as a whole.


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