TELLTALE Announces New EP: Lie Your Way Out

Telltale has just released the latest EP, Lie Your Way Out today March 25th! The EP features recent singles “COBAIN,” “Slowburn,” and “Out Of Control!” as well as newly released title track “Lie Your Way Out“. Based In Richmond, VA, Telltale appeals to people who love rocking out to bands like Neck Deep and Fall Out Boy.

Vocalist John Carteret reveals: “‘Lie Your Way Out’ seems to be this pervasive mentality when it comes to mental health. As someone who struggles with Bipolar Disorder, it’s often difficult to be open and honest about my headspace. As a result you end up lying to your family, your friends, even yourself. It becomes easier to just exit a conversation rather than explain why you’re staring through that person on the other side. Put on a face, go to work, be a ‘functional’ member of society. Most of us lie every day.”

Don’t wait, check out their EP now!


Lie Your Way Out

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