Eric Nam at The Beacham in Orlando

Review by: Nicole Solero Photos by : @enmgmt

March 8, Eric Nam fans also known as Nam Nation welcomed the pop star to the stage here in Orlando, Florida. It’s been 2 years since Eric’s first show in Orlando & looking back then & now i was fortunate enough to attend both shows through these years. Even though the venue was the same, the experience was different, in the best way possible. Through these past 2 years Eric has connected with his fans more than ever before which is where the mutual excitement & passion between the singer & the crowd flowed from.

 The artist is not only talented musically but Eric has a strong presence in a range of platforms. For example, hosting various podcasts & shows interviewing some of the biggest stars in k-pop & korean entertainment. His personality has made him an important figure connecting both Korean & American entertainment as Nam was raised in the U.S.  

Eric Nam shows are what you can call “family reunions” & no matter how new you are to the Nam Nation family-Everyone has a safe place there. If it’s even for just a couple of hours, Eric has a special talent in making everyone forget any worries they had before the show & exchanging them with laughters. Each night through this tour fans had  an authentically unique experience as the artist would give fans the option to choose some of the songs he would sing for the night. Arranging the set list differently each show. High energy flowed all night & ofcourse the artist wasn’t onstage alone but with a charismatic band & back up dancers who complimented Eric’s presence on stage. The stage lights in sync with the music.

Best part of being an audience is knowing that all around you there are people experiencing their very first concert, celebrating birthdays& anniversaries etc. I can’t imagine how honored an artist must feel to know that their fans choose to celebrate their special days at one of their shows. Eric highlights this every night by asking the audience to raise their hands if they are celebrating any of these special moments with him. Nothing means the world most to a fan then to have your favorite artist point you out & show you love & making a core memory you will remember the rest of your life. Prior to the show there were a few songs i was hoping to hear & i was spoiled to hear them all. My fave performance of the night had to be “Any other way” one of Eric’s hit singles from 2021. Of course the whole show wasn’t pumped up with high energy but there were mellow moments with an acoustic set of songs like “Good for you” & “Love Die Young” some older songs from Eric’s discography. Ending the show with a spontaneous encore Eric left fans happy after a night of laughter, screaming, singing, & dancing. Orlando’s Nam Nation will look forward to Eric’s return to the city in the future to share more special nights like this til then we will continue to stream his music. 

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