Ravive Releases Debut EP “Trauma Response”

Ravive, pop’s newest grunge girl, released her debut EP, Trauma Response, now available on all streaming platforms. Fused with alt-pop and edgy vibes, Ravive turns her emotional experiences into songs, creating mini stories within the lyrics. Trauma Response is a compilation of dark pop autobiography songs, that manage to be gloomy and beautiful in the same breath. Read what she had to say in our interview with her here.

Listening to this EP is an experience! Between the music, lyrics and beautiful vocals, in enthralls your senses, pulling you into the exact moment of the stories she’s telling. Highly recommend checking out her music, you won’t be disappointed. Whether you’re in need of a good cry sesh or just to ~vibe~ along to some dark pop music, Ravive will cater to all your needs with Trauma Response.

“I didn’t plan for an EP. The plan was singles for a while, but as I continued to release singles, a larger story started to form. It felt like a story of evolution; who I am as Ravive. So a body of work came to fruition through those continuous releases, and set into place on its own time. “Trauma Response” is the culmination of a hell of a lot of exploration, writing, and trauma. So much experimentation and getting uncomfortable. Combining familiar elements with unfamiliar ones. It’s a body of work that digs under the skin.”


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