Jay Alan Just Dropped His Latest Single ‘Got Feelings’ Today, 1/14/2022

Independent Indiana-based pop artist Jay Alan has just released his newest single, ‘Got Feelings’ today, 01/14/2022.

‘Got Feelings’ captures such a pretty and catchy pop sound built around Alan’s gorgeously delivered vocals. The track is well-crafted, and that shines through with the energy change in the bridge and the key change that it transitions into. It’s one of those tracks that refuse to be boring by remaining dynamic all throughout, changing up the key and tempo to guide the energy and tone of the track. Alan wrote ‘Got Feelings’ as a personal track about falling for his friend and the feelings and emotions that come from that. “We could take this to the altar / Or I could take it to the grave,” the end of the bridge rings out. It encapsulates a relatable experience that many of us have personally been through; wanting to pursue the love but also being afraid of losing that important friendship.

‘Got Feelings’ is now the 11th single under Jay Alan’s name, and he’s working on his debut EP to be released early this year. He’s already amassed over 2 million streams and has proven that being from a small town in Indiana won’t deter him from making an impact in the lives of others, Being an openly queer artist, Jay Alan wants to make music that resonates with LGBTQIA+ youth. You can listen to ‘Got Feelings’ on Apple Music, Spotify, or your streaming platform of choice today.

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