Keep Flying @ Amityville Music Hall 1/1/22

Photos & Review by: Chloe Pauls

There is no better way to begin a new year than seeing a live show full of great energy and even better people. Keep Flying started off 2022 playing in Amityville, their hometown, for the first time since July 2021. Their latest album, Survival, was released in July 2020. Keep Flying has the best horn driven songs in the punk scene. The northeastern band has been touring in various parts of the country. The New Years Day show was supported by Rare Candy, Dirtybandaid, Joey Flemming, and Title Holder. 

Title Holder kicked off the night with their first show. They came out with great energy and prepared the crowd for what was coming. Joey Flemming, lead singer from In Her Own Words, followed up with a mixed set. This included some of his original songs as well as acoustic tracks from In Her Own Words. Dirtybandaid played a punk set full of energy. Changing the pace, Rare Candy followed up playing an acoustic set. All artists had the crowd singing and cheering along. 

Keep Flying put on a jaw dropping performance with a new setlist like – nothing like they have ever played before. The crowd loved every minute of it. Everyone was moshing and crowd surfing while screaming the lyrics. Keep Flying knows how to entertain a crowd. They use every inch of the stage to dance and jump around while performing. Their setlist included a mixture of some new songs, from Survival, as well as some older songs everybody loves. Keep Flying’s shows are a whirlwind of energy and great stage presence. This engages the crowd from the moment the band steps on stage until the end of the night. 

Keep Flying is embarking on a trip to Florida to play some shows, followed up by some gigs in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Stay tuned to see where else Keep Flying is playing this year. You definitely do not want to miss out on their explosive gigs!

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