Oh, Hooray Releases “as lost as moths” EP

Houston’s newest indie/art-pop band has just released their latest EP, ‘As Lost as Moths’ on Jan 1! Gearing up to release their first full length album, this EP will give listeners a sneak peek at what they have in store.

Track one, “Something About Closure” starts off with this upbeat instrumental vibe but you soon realize the lyrics have a much more somber vibe. It takes the two contrasting emotions and mashes them together, making an interesting first song.

The rest of the EP has a softer, sadder emotion to the songs, something that I think most people can relate to especially after what everyone has been through the past couple years. I felt ‘Front Porch Scarecrow’ was one of the top songs featured just because you can really feel the lyrics and emotions behind them and that’s something that always pulls me into a song.

Overall the EP showcases Oh, Hooray’s songwriting and instrumental talent, and will leave listeners eager to see what their full length release has!

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