San Diego Based Band, The Silver Devils, Releases Latest Single “Love Potion No. 10”

“Love Potion No. 10” has just been released by fresh San Diego, California-based band The Silver Devils.

The Silver Devils deliver an eclectic and dynamic indie classic rock sound with an upbeat swing. There is a driven energy to the track. Lead vocalist, Demetrio Donzelli, delivers a dynamic range with his punky and emotional vocals. Donzelli makes great use of vocal scoops and riffs, working with a variety of different vocal tones. The swing of the guitar brings in a bluesy sound that is reminiscent of reggae. The swing breaks for a heavier rock-inspired guitar with a skillful solo at the end. Each member of the band displays expertise through the use of their instruments to drive along a story about heartbreak. 

“Love Potion No. 10” adds to the diverse range that they have established with their previous singles, “Going There” and “Silver Cat”. Each song retains a classic rock sound, but they all differ from one another in influences and energy. 

The Silver Devils consists of band members Demetrio Donzelli (Vocalist), Ben Engel (Lead Guitarist), William Webb (Saxophone), and Greg Bjurman (Producer/Keyboardist). The band delivers witty and authentic lyrics, speed and versatility in their guitar, skilled and jazzy saxophone, clean production, and keyboard skills. They are introspective storytelers who convey the timeless struggle between optimism and pessimism through sound. The goal of The Silver Devils is to ward off their lifelong nemesis, Danny the Devil through their music’s storytelling and introspectiveness. The Silver Devils’ sound must be moving forward and changing constantly so they can continue to overcome Danny the Devil.

“Love Potion No. 10” is available on iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify or your streaming platform of choice.

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