Episode #2 Interview with The Gallstones

Listen to this week’s episode in which Sage (She/Her) interviews The Gallstones of Nashville, TN.

Check out their latest music here “The Stones… Gallstones”

The Gallstones is a Nashville-based grindcore band made up of Will Wade (Drummer/Vocalist), Addison Pozzi (Bass), and Sean Doherty (Guitar). They create short, fast, and heavy grindcore music which pulls from a variety of influences from each band members’ musical background. Each of the band members has made their own music, but when Wade got ahold of some drums his first thought was, “Yo, grindcore. We gotta make grindcore.” Their goal with The Gallstones is to make music just for the hell of it without taking it too seriously. Some of their plans for the future include “The Stone Age,” a grindcore album with skits that takes place in the stone age. You can listen to The Gallstones’ album “The Stones… Gallstones” on Bandcamp today.

Sage Plapp, Midnight Riot Magazine

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