“By The Lips”: Glimmers Shares Fourth Chapter In Upcoming EP Out Now!

Photos By: Sophie Harris

Glimmers, an Atlanta based rock band recently released their latest single, “By The Lips”. This latest track was premiered through Alternative Press and can be found here. This release is a part of the bands new EP, Worlds Apart, set to be released on April 23rd. Glimmers is also working on a new chapter in their cinematic video series, which follows a couple through the ups and downs of their relationship. “By The Lips” focus’ much more on on an intimate feeling on what is is like to be with someone you love, uninterrupted.

Maggie Schneider, Glimmers frontwoman, has said to AP:

“‘By The Lips’ is our fourth episode of this story. At this point, our couple has reunited for the first time since their breakup. The song is about those intense feelings you feel for somebody, especially right after the relationship has ended. As the song builds, the couple becomes more intimate, but there’s still some uncertainty of whether it’ll work out.”

Glimmers may have only been a band for a short time, but in 5 months they have already amounted 95,000 streams and recognition from Substream Magazine, idobi Radio, and Hot Topic.

“By The Lips” is a rock ballad that taps into your emotions, bringing up those feelings of love and doubts surrounding if it’s the relationship that will last, or will it end up in heartbreak. Maggie’s vocals beautifully blend with the instrumentals, creating this harmonious and beautiful song. The lyrics are relatable, easily painting a picture for people to see and relate to. The video for “By The Lips” shows a couple just enjoying life, having fun and each others company, something many of us would love to have. The video also shows them in this dreamy pink light, which to me represents the love and passion they have between each other. Overall the video and song are great, it shows what Glimmers has to offer and definitely catches the listeners attention. After hearing “By The Lips” it’s no surprise how Glimmers has gained the attention and fans in such a short amount of time. You can check out “By The Lips” below!

Glimmers is Maggie Schneider(lead vocals/piano),Alex Downtain(lead guitar),AlexNorrell(rhythm guitar/backup vocals),Ari Patwary(bass), Jeremy Russell(drums).

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