Oh the Humanity! Draws Inspiration From Bad Habits for Latest Single “Never Worse”

With their latest single “Never Worse”, Oh the Humanity! gives listeners a relatable song about bad habits and getting in your own way. The song comes with a music video depicting a person whose body becomes more and more covered by what looks like green goop as their behavior gets worse. This character’s green goop also negatively impacts those around them throughout the course of the music video. The band worked with Aaron Marinel for the videography and Justin Owens for the animation in the music video. With lyrics such as, “I wish I felt better but I never felt worse, always hoping for the positive and thinking I’m cursed,” this song isn’t exactly uplifting but if you’ve been stuck in a rut or accidentally screwing things up for yourself lately you may find singing along to “Never Worse” therapeutic. Out of the three singles the band has released in 2021, “Never Worse” is a slightly slower track but all three should be considered a sneak peek of what to expect for their self titled LP which drops on April 16th. 

Oh the Humanity! has influences from bands like A Wilhelm, Strike Anywhere, Propagandhi, and No Trigger while also striving for their own sound and not focusing too much on what genre of punk or rock they may fall in. Oh the Humanity! formed in Massachusetts in 2012. The band consists of vocalist Kevin Athas, guitarists Chris Dilseo and James Slvio, bassist Andy Hakansson, and drummer Chris Santoro. You can find more from them on their Facebook page, OH THE HUMANITY, or on Instagram ohthehumanityma and on Twitter @OHTHEHUMANITYMA. You can also find them on the website http://www.hellmindedrecords.com and listen to their music on Spotify. 

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