Cristina Soto Set To Release Acoustic Version of “Lifted”!

Friday, April 16th, Cristina Soto is set to release a new acoustic version of the EDM hit “Lifted’. 

In 2020, singer-songwriter Cristina Soto revisited her breakout hit with electronic power-duo Tritonal, “Still With Me,” and her Illenium and Said The Sky collaboration, “Painted White,” with acoustic mixes. As Soto’s hit classic with Tritonal, “Lifted,” approaches its tenth birthday this year, she continues her hot streak by returning with a new acoustic rendering. The new indie mix of “Lifted” breathes a new soul into the beloved classic, while maintaining original elements that fans know and love.  

“I was so excited to rework ‘Lifted’ as an acoustic mix because the progression, melodies, and lyrics are strong, and I felt that it could stand the test of time. The message of imperfect love is also still a relevant one.”

-Cristina Soto

Based out of Austin, TX, Cristina Soto is a singer-songwriter and live performer for cross-genre vocal projects, largely known for her work in EDM. She is trained in opera, jazz, musical theater, and gospel vocals, and plays multiple instruments.

As the original vocalist for power-duo Tritonal, Cristina’s ethereal tones and heady lyrics played an instrumental role in bringing their melodic, yet progressive trance to the forefront of the dance music scene. Over the years, she has collaborated with electronic music titans such as Au5, CloZee, ATB, Illenium, and ARMNHMR

The new mix of “Lifted” features Robert Soto on guitars and drums, Omar Vallejo on bass, and Haydn Vitera on strings. The new mix of “Lifted” breathes a new soul into the beloved classic, while maintaining some of the original EDM elements. The song is sure to bring in waves of nostalgia for those who are familiar with “Lifted”. The acoustic version allows the lyrics to sink deeper, giving the track a heartfelt and organic feel.

Even though the track is a decade old, it certainly still stands the test of time. Make sure to stream “Lifted” on April 16th. 

To keep up with Cristina, check out her social media!


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