Sof Releases New Single “Bloom”

New Jersey artist, Sof, just released “Bloom” an anthem for self-love today, August 21st. After sharing her cover of ‘Criminal’ by Britney Spears, she gained millions of views and over 100,000 shares. She later released her debut single ‘Inertia’ that landed her on’s ‘31 New Jersey Bands You Need To Hear In 2020’ list.

Due to Covid restrictions, Sof had taken the time to learn to record and produce on her own. She collaborated with Philly based producer, Tyler Toomey, to record ‘Bloom’ at home. In addition to recording the new single, she also created a lyric video to go along with it. Between the catchy lyrics, powerful chorus and pop synths, ‘Bloom’ is sure to be stuck in your head after one listen. Sof explores sexuality and self love within the lyrics that you can’t help but love. While listening the beat and empowering vocals makes you want to get up, dance around, and feel confident. It’s set to be an anthem for confidence, in a time where it’s easy to compare yourself to others. It’s no surprise the success Sof has had with her previous releases after hearing ‘Bloom’, this single is something you want to add to your playlists ASAP. You can find everything you need here.

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