Until We Get Caught Release EP “Surface” July 31st

Staten Island’s Until We Get Caught are releasing their latest EP ‘Surface’ July 31st via InVogue records. Forming in 2014, the band released music under the pop-punk genre but recently revamped their sound to be more metalcore, with dark and gritty undertones which they refer to as “Whatever-core”.

‘Surface’ consists of five songs, with the second track, ‘Fading Out’ featuring Sleeping With Sirens lead singer, Kellin Quinn. This song gives you all you would expect, powerful riffs, and vocals and seamless transitions within the instrumentals. Link to stream is here.

The band consisting of Aleks Gershman (Unclean Vocals), Chris Brady (Clean Vocals), Ricardo Garcia (Guitar), Dino Zawadski (Bass) and Chris Petrocchi (Drums). Until We Get Caught are not ones to ignore, with this release they can easily branch out to a larger fan base, boosting their career. Make sure you give them a listen!

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