Tarah Who? In A Rush: Live Session

Featured on the Kurukulla sessions, Tarah Who? is the second session, performing their song “In A Rush”. An older song (2006) written after the decision was made to move from Paris, France to Los Angeles to pursue her music career further. You can view the session below!

@ormeoryou:sound engineer, mix | @coralie.herve:drums  |@tarah_g._carpenter: vocals, guitar |Producer: Nupur Mehrotra (@nupsmehra) & Apoorv Arora (@apoorvarora_10)
Director: Lena Baez (@lenisa.films)  DP: Maria Quintana (@ninapapalote) 
1st AC: Jude Abadi (@judeabadi)  | 2nd AC: Rigel Y. (@rigelyaluk) 
Gaffer: Junbai Z (Kay) @kay_kay_hey | BTS: Ale Rubiera (@alerubiera)

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