Lisa Danaë Set To Release ‘STARLET’ on July 24th

Artwork by: Josh Suguitan

Filipina-American pop artist, Lisa Danaë, is gearing up to release ‘STARLET’ an anthem of self-love and owning who you are. Growing up in California, Lisa began performing at a young age, but really began the pop career in 2013. Her music primarily focus’s on empowerment through vulnerability.

Fully inspired by Musical Notes Global‘s review which stated, “Rising Filipina-American pop starlet, Lisa Danaë, totally gets it“, she turned to her co-writer, a girl named jaen, and set off to create the song “STARLET’.

“From there, it became about how I always wished I was like other celebrities until I realized how I was forging my own path. I am my own Starlet.”

Lisa Danaë
Photo credit: Josh Suguitan

‘STARLET’ has everything you would expect from a pop single, between the catchy lyrics and beat, and strong chorus, it’s easy to appeal to a large audience. Danaë’s vocals mixed with instrumentals are reminiscent of Halsey, in the sense they both are able to have a smooth, soothing sound while delivering strong lyrics. ‘STARLET’ displays exactly what Danaë wanted, it stands for being your own person, and being proud of who you are. Anyone who listens to this can’t help but feel empowered by it, the overall emotion of the song is contagious. ‘STARLET’ is a refreshing anthem to brighten your confidence and mood during these times when things are turned upside down. Don’t hesitate to give it a listen!

Listen to ‘STARLET’ here

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