Big Smile Announces New Single Out July 31st

PHOTO: Alex Zarek

Big Smile, a pop-punk band out of Cincinnati, OH, are releasing a brand new single called “Killdozer” on July 31st. This song dives into the struggles on addiction and and concern for the pharmaceutical industry. This is the first release from Big Smile in 2020. The band states:

…We got up there [ABG Studios] with an idea and a message we want to get across and he [Seth Henderson] turns it into art every single time. Our next collection of songs is the best we’ve ever written together and brought us closer together than ever before, as well as helping us grow and learn about ourselves along the way. We have high hopes for the future as we go into the release of “Killdozer”.

“Killdozer” is expected to be another hit from the band, like their previous release “Pillbox Hill”, which ended up on playlists such as Pop Punks Not Dead and The Scene. Big Smile’s success with ‘PillBox Hill’ paved the way for them to go on to opening up for State Champs, The Dangerous Summer and Grayscale.

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