The Amatory Murder Released New Video ‘My Love’

Today, alternative rock band The Amatory Murder, released their latest music video for the song ‘My Love’. The band began in Brooklyn, NY in 2011 by singer-songwriter Christian Peppas (better known as ‘Xian’). Eventually, he expanded and the current lineup to include drummer Scott Genovese, guitarist Christian “The Governor” Buckley and bassist Binx Noir. While keeping with a classic rock sound, they combine heavy guitar and drums with piano and pop arrangements.

While touring nationally as an opening band as well as completing their own DIY tours in the United States, The Amatory Murder have shared the stage with Stabbing Westward, Julien-K, Combichrist, The Dreaming, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult and the Red Paintings.  They also took part in #MakeChesterProud, a benefit in memory of Linkin Park frontman, Chester Bennington, to raise awareness on mental health and suicide. Their live performances are a theatrical show, featuring lights, video and their backup singers/performers, The Murder Girls.

It only made sense The Amatory Murder record our version of ‘My Love’ to include on ‘Singularity Complex’ which is a record about trying to remember who you are and holding onto your humanity in a quickly-changing and tumultuous world. We enlisted some of our friends to be on the track as well: Rita Posillico on backing vocals, Joseph Halimi on (my Dad’s) acoustic guitar and Tony Barba on sax. 

Christian Peppas

‘My Love’ is the second single off their upcoming record ‘Singularity Complex’. This song is a version of one written by lead singer Christian’s father, who unfortunately passed in 2018, and revamped by the band. ‘My Love’ has a bluesy/jazz sound and feel to it, making it different from what you would expect from an alternative rock band. The saxophone stands out in particular, it draws the listener into all the emotions being conveyed in the long and lyrics, and ties everything together. The video itself shows what appears to be a seance being held, with a little bit of chaos thrown in the mix. At the end it appears they pay a tribute to Peppas’ father, showing a photo of him surrounded by candles, a nice touch to remember him and his song by. If you’re looking for a some new music (and even if you’re not) give this video a watch/listen; it’s the type that will appeal to a large amount of music lovers, regardless of genre preference.

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