Stormstress releases Debut Single “Paint The Mask”

The brand new, all-female trio, Stormstress has just put out their debut single, “Paint the Mask” with an official lyric video. Stormstress is co-fronted by identical twin sisters, Tanya Venom and Tia Mayhem, singing in harmony while both playing guitar. The powerhouse drummer is Maddie May Scott. The girls are not only instrumentally talented, but they write their own songs.  “Paint the Mask” offers electrifying riffs, thunderous grooves, and a catchy chorus that is clear in its message. The lyrics start with “porcelain doll- painted to perfection” quickly explaining that some people feel as though they must “wear a mask” to gain the approval of others. An electrifying guitar solo comes in half way through the song, leading to a shift where the the painful consequences that come with sacrificing one’s identity is realized with the lyrics “Ill burn that veil”. This song is a call for individuality and self-love while leaving the listener with a feeling of empowerment. Check out the video here and and their socials can be found below to give this new band a follow!  

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