DelaDie Releases Solo EP ‘CUPID’

Female rock artist, DelaDie, is releasing her first solo EP, ‘CUPID’; which brings together both rock and dance. Inspired by the people around her, she brings gritty, truthful lyrics to her songs.

DelaDie mixes a melancholy emotion with raw vocals and grunge like instrumentals. Each track touches on emotions people tend to not want to feel – more somber than upbeat and happy. Personally, I feel the track ‘No Longer Black’ is the strongest of the EP, with everything coming together perfectly. This tracks instrumentals tap into your emotions, seemingly placing you into the headspace she had while writing. She has a connection to her music, which is clear when listening. Below are links to her socials for you to check out!

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  1. Thanks so very much for the write up! Love writing songs and feel honored to hear they relate to listeners! 🏹 💞


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