Nude Shoes Releases Cover of ‘You In January’

By: Laura DeBlois

East Coasts pop-punk band, Nude Shoes, has released a cover of “You in January,” which is possibly better than the original by The Wonder Years. Using a faster pace, more upbeat rhythm, and heavier sound, the band brings their own unique style to the song. While paying ode to The Wonder Years, this band was able to bring a new take on a crowd favorite.

“You in January” is part of a compilation album released on May 1, 2020 called “Nailing the Shards of Hope Together: A Tribute to The Wonder Years.” The album is celebrating ten-years of “The Upsides,” and includes 17 other songs by the band throughout their career. Proceeds of the album are to be donated to RAICES Texas, and The album can be purchased on bandcamp and updates for limited cassettes will be announced in the upcoming weeks. Stream “You in January” by Nude Shoes on Spotify and Apple Music. 

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