Clutch at Burton Cummings Theatre

Photos & Review by: Mikey Jablonski

American Rock band Clutch performed on a mild spring night on a Monday night at Burton Cummings Theatre for their No Stars Above Tour with Amigo The Devil and Nate Bergman. This was the first show of a five show road trip across the Canadian Midwest for a week then will be continuing the tour in the States.

Nate Bergman took the stage for opening for Clutch for this tour, Nate stressed to the crowd normally he has a huge rock band but sadly the border couldn’t have his band cross this time so he had to do a solo set with acoustic. It was a rather short set of course but everyone in the theatre enjoyed it.

Up next is Amigo the Devil, man they had a great time on the stage. They brought character, did great crowd support and just overall had a great time doing it. A lot of the fans were singing a lot from songs like Hell and You, Murder at the Bingo Hall, Hungover in Jamestown among others. Great band and hope to see a return soon.

Clutch hits the stage at around 9:47
and plays new songs to old ones, the crowd was ready from the start. The whole room was rocking out from the first balcony of the burt to the floor. Some songs that were performed were I Nosferatu Madre, Ghoul Wrangler, The House That Peterbilt, and other hits from the catalog. Neil Fallon the singer of Clutch was definitely a stage performer as he was jumping from one end to the other of the stage and just having a great time that I can tell.

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