Aly & AJ: With Love From Tour

Photos & Review by: Blanton Leigh

On the second half of their With Love From Tour, singer-songwriter sister duo Aly & AJ made a stop at The Ritz in Raleigh, NC with Miya Folick on April 14, 2023. 

Opening with a stripped down, beautiful set, LA-based artist Miya Folick transported me to the 70s, I truly felt I had traveled back in time. Going into this show I hadn’t heard of Folick, but she has gained a new fan in me, especially when she performed a song about the passing of her father a couple of years ago, which I could very much relate to. Her songwriting struck a chord with me, no pun intended, and I can’t wait to hear more on her upcoming second album Roach, out May 26, 2023. 

Before I fully get into my review of Aly & AJ’s set, I have to say how special this show was for me. Like many, I’ve been an Aly & AJ since the 00s, but not just me, also my sister, who got to attend the show with me. I usually go to concerts solo, but I really wanted to experience this with my sister, and not to spoil what’s to come in this review, but it was a truly magical experience for both of us. 

First off, it was freaking Aly & AJ, of course they put on a hell of a show! Vocals, guitar choreography, their band, they themselves shredding on guitar, and Aly killing it on piano! Special shoutout to the lighting designers and technicians, it was beautiful. This was my first time seeing them in concert, but I expected nothing less, but they delivered far and beyond my expectations. There’s way too many highlights to mention, so I’ll try to narrow it down to a few. First of all, their set was jam packed with the whole of their most recent album, With Love From, as well as hits from almost all of their previous eras of music, all the way back to the beginning. I can’t lie, some of my favorites were Potential Break-up Song, Like Woah, Division, and On the Ride, all of which me and my sister sang at the top of our lungs, much like we used to do on the Wii game Sing It! At the request of the crowd, Aly & AJ gave us a special treat, an a capella chorus of Joan of Arc on the Dance Floor, another personal favorite of mine, it was awesome. And of the songs we didn’t know, we were singing along by the end. Like their opening act, Aly & AJ’s set gave an heir of nostalgia and timelessness. I feel as though there is so much more that I could say, but a huge thank you to Aly & AJ, from one pair of siblings/best friends to another, this will be a core memory for both of us, and we can’t wait to see you again. 

Stream Miya Folick’s new single So Clear
Stream With Love From by Aly & AJ, now available to stream in spatial audio on Apple Music

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