Elderbrook, Little Love Tour

Photos and review by Blanton Leigh

English electronic artist and multi-instrumentalist Elderbrook brought his Little Love Tour to Asheville, NC at The Orange Peel three days ahead of his highly-anticipated second album, Little Love, along with Erez and ford. 

Opening the show, Erez, another multi-instrumentalist herself, played one of the more interesting sets I’ve had the pleasure of seeing. It started off with just her, and her turntable (I’m guessing, this was my first electronic/dance concert, so I’m not sure what the names are for all of the different turntables, or samplers, but it was so cool and interesting to see live). A highlight for me was when she busted out the guitar and just shredded, it was so sick! What was also sick was when she brought out a dancer who started in the middle of the crowd, then made her way to the stage, I’ve never seen anything like it. That accompanied with the music, it was so trippy, but in the best way possible. What I loved most was her energy, not only was she so talented, but she was so pumped to be performing and doing what she loves, which always makes me happy to see. 

Following Erez was ford. who came out with a turntable, or sampler, again not one hundred percent sure, his laptop, and a lamp, which gave the set an intimate feel. In the most normal way possible, it was like the crowd was witnessing him creating these beats in his room as he was making them, it was so cool. For such a stripped down visual set, everyone was dancing, I’ve never been to a show with so much dancing, the beats were so infectious I found myself dancing along with the crowd as well. 

First things first when it comes to our main act, as talented as he is on the tables, Elderbrook is a vocal beast, I cannot stress that enough. I knew going in that he could sing and had a great voice, but I thought I would mostly be impressed by his instrumental skill, but that voice, unreal, probably one of, if not the best male vocalist I’ve seen live. His voice blended in so seamlessly with his beats; I know the voice is an instrument, but at times i’d mistake the beats for his voice, and vice versa, his technique is so on point. 

I’ve never felt the ground shake more at a show, which threw me off a little at first. I’ve seen people get into a show, but it felt like everyone was jumping in time with the music, so sensory overload, for me at least. It was a weird sensation, and I still can’t tell if I liked that part or not, but I am glad I got to experience. 

If you want to go to a show and just let loose and dance like absolutely no one is watching, Elderbrook’s show is the show for you, that and seeing a true musical beast excel in their craft while having the best time ever. 

Little Love by Elderbrook is now available to stream: https://minerecs.lnk.to/LittleLove

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