August Burns Red @The Fillmore

August Burns Red also known as the Pennsylvania metalcore giants is on tour for their 20 year anniversary of being the band. They started their tour at The Fillmore in Philadelphia and we were lucky enough to catch the first show. They come along this tour with support from The Devil Wears Prada and Bleed from Within.

Bleed From Within gets the crowd super excited inviting old fans and first timers to get in the pit. They played amazingly and had the crowd engaged the entire time. After talking to some people at the show and after, they have been able to gain many fans from this tour.

The Devil Wears Prada went all in. They played with angst and so much energy. The crowd loved them and screamed along to many of the songs. They played bangers like Salt, Watchtower and Chemical. The crowd was very pleased with the setlist and wanted more.

August Burns Red always puts on a great show. Their musicianship is legendary. All the songs were played phenomenally and so great live.They played songs they have made throughout the years. Bangers like Meddler and Mariana’s Trench (my personal favorite). JB Brubaker came on the stage with a new beautiful guitar, it is like his most known guitar but it had gold glitter all over with the iconic white stripes.Dustin Davidson (Bassist) had an improvisation solo with Matt Greiner (Drummer) that was unbelievable. The music was moving and had an amazing build up.

This is a tour you don’t want to miss! Check out August Burns Red on Spotify here.

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