Lights Canadian Winter Tour

Photos & Review by: Mikey Jablonski

Lights took the stage on a rather warm winter Tuesday night with drag queen Tynomi Banks on her Canadian Winter tour. They play at Burton Cummings Theatre in Winnipeg, Manitoba on the sixth night on the tour. The Burt had a diverse age ground from very young to older young adults. I had a few friends even come out to the show as they haven’t seen Lights perform in Winnipeg for quiet some time. I can for sure tell everyone was excited.

Tynomi had great energy and stage presence from the start. It was my first time seeing them, and they totally put on a great show. Getting up with the crowd, interacting from the very start was something I love about artists. They performed some covers of Miley Cyrus to some other big name acts by dancing and doing walk way runs. Highly recommend seeing Tynomi if she comes in your city

Lights hits the stage now and plays classic olds and new songs, the crowd enjoyed every song. Everyone was dancing from the start to the very end. I even was jamming right in the third song taking photos of her classic song Up We Go. Other songs she performed was Beside Myself, Siberia, We Were Here and other hits/oldies. She was giving 110% from the start to the very end. It was my first time seeing lights perform, was totally worth it. Hope to see a return to Winnipeg again sooner rather than later.

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