Samia Winter Tour at The Orange Peel

Photos & Review by: Blanton Leigh

Following the January 27, 2023 release of her album Honey, Samia kicked off her Winter Honey tour at The Orange Peel with Tommy Lefroy in Asheville, NC on February 6, 2023.

With this being Tommy Lefory’s first North American show, I see nothing but great things for them. The duo played songs from their first EP, Flight Risk, which was made while in quarantine while both members, Tessa and Wynter, were over 5,000 miles apart, Tessa being in London, while Wynter was in Los Angeles. They also teased the release for their next EP, but I’m not sure if I can share the name, but keep an eye out for this show stopping duo, I can’t wait to see what they do next.


Samia Finnerty and her band made me feel the full range of human emotion from the beginning to the encore. Opening with the haunting and visceral “Kill Her Freak Out,” where she lets herself feel what she is feeling, and not downplay “wrong” emotions that really resonated with me. As someone who feels a lot all the time, and keeps it bottled up most of the time, I felt a sense of catharsis.

She also played more of her upbeat hits, such as “Fit N Full” and “Mad at Me,” the latter of which I related to, as I too care so much, maybe too much, what people think, and through the song just letting go of that, even if it’s just a front. “Honey,” the title track of the album, was a highlight for me, as someone who is a fan of the juxstaposition of happy production with darker lyrics, it felt euphoric.

Surprise’s Throughout the Night

There was also a surprise guest in the form of Samia’s dog, and dogs will always be a positive for me.

The closer, for both the show and the album, “Dream Song” had me tearing up, and reminded me of another song from my favorite band, “26” by Paramore. Both say that, as people we get to dream for free, although it wouldn’t matter the cost.

If you are a fan of Samia, like I am now, go see her if you get the chance. This was my first show of the year, and I am so incredibly grateful to Samia and Tommy Lefroy for helping me start this year out on such a high.

Stream Honey by Samia:
Stream Flight Risk by Tommy Lefroy:

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