Tyler Posey Releases New Single “Lemon”

Tyler Posey has been busy. Reprising his role as Scott McCall on the Paramount+ original movie, Teen Wolf: The Movie. He then released his new single “Lemon” on January 27 — the ending credits song for the movie.

Posey shares, “it’s the ending credits song to my new movie Teen Wolf: The Movie, so it’s the first song of mine I’ll get to hear on the big screen. How sick is that?”

Tyler Posey has been in the spotlight since he was a child starring opposite Jenifer Lopez in “Maid in Manhattan.” He moved on to roles in “Teen Wolf,” “Truth or Dare,” and many more. He has been in multiple bands such as PVMNTS and Five North. In 2020, he decided to become a solo artist.

“Lemon” is the first release since is solo EP “Drugs.” The single is a fun, upbeat, fast-paced track fit for the end of a movie. After decades of a film, and tv career he finally had the opportunity to crossover with his music career.

Posey continues, “I’ve never written a song knowing it was going to be in a film. I really tried to capture the energy it would take to leave an audience feeling epic at the end of a movie. I think we accomplished that, with the help of Phem, of course, who helped me write it. She came up with the coolest line “sucking on a lemon,” which the title came from.”

Phem is not the only help he got with the song. He recorded it with one of his best friends Matt Malpass, and it was mixed by another friend Mike Miller.

Tyler opened up about his struggles in 2020, and the beginning of the COVID pandemic. Living inside during the Los Angeles stay at home orders he began a life of isolation and intoxication. He relived the vicious cycle of anxiety, depression, and childhood trauma. This began his self-destructive pattern of alcohol and drug abuse. With this new chapter he is embracing growth and personal reflection.

With that the best way to end this is with Tyler Posey’s own words, “it’s just a fun fucking song. Bump it.”

Listen to “Lemon” here

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