Oliver Tree’s “Cowboy Tears” TOUR @ Columbus, OH

Photos & Review by: Seth Brown

Another packed show at KEMBA Live!, Oliver Tree’s “Cowboy Tears” Tour, On the 9th of March what a show! Rising artist  Sueco The Child and Oliver Tree put on a great show Wednesday night. The show started with Sueco The Child walking out onto the stage while the crowd roared, He started spitting into the mic Sober/Hungover featuring American rapper Arizona Zervas. Sueco The Child had the crowd going crazy when I was in the photo pit. He got down in the pit with us to interact with the crowd. They loved it! And the sickest part of Sueco The Child’s performance was when he invited a fan to smash one of his guitars on stage, he put on a wild show for Columbus.

As the show went on and Sueco The Child walked off the stage it was time for the main event. Oliver Tree is an American singer-songwriter from Santa Cruz, California. Oliver Tree recently released his second major-label studio album, Cowboy Tears, on the 18th of February. The crowd began to chant “Oli! Oli! Oli! Oli!”. Fog began to flow onto the stage as blue stage lights faded in. A silhouette of Oliver Tree approached the stage with his athletic jacket and long JNCO jeans. The beginning of Forget it by Getter featuring Oliver Tree started playing and once Oliver Tree got to the mic he told the crowd to turn their phone lights on as he began to sway his right arm back and forth and the crowd copied his motions. It was like a field of stars lighting up the venue. A very unique set and show. Sueco The Child and Oliver Tree put on a show!!!

Oliver Tree Instagram

Oliver Tree’s “Cowboy Tears”

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