Clairo performs at KEMBA Live! in Columbus, Ohio with Arlo Parks for Sling Tour

Photos & Review by: Seth Brown

American singer-songwriter Clairo performed @ KEMBA Live! in Columbus, Ohio on the 3rd of March, the show opened up with singer-songwriter Arlo Parks as she opened up with her song Green Eyes. Off of her Collapsed In Sunbeams album from last year, the crowd was feeling her music and Arlo delivered a chill melody to the crowd, they all were amazed by Arlo’s performance. She stole the show and ended her performance with her song “Hope”, another song from her “Collapsed In Sunbeams” album as she exited the stage.

PromoWest Lives crew team started taking Arlo’s set down to get Clairo’s set ready. Everyone at the venue was pretty chill and friendly. As the crew got done setting Clairo’s set up the music playing from the venue started to fade and the light shut off. I heard the crowd in the back start to chant “Clairo!” as she walked out with her crew, sat down at her piano, and began to sing “Bambi” from her “Sling” album that she released last year in July. Her voice was so angelic and the crowd gave off the same energy as Clairo did, the lights from Clairo’s set faded on slowly and the room was very calm. Her set gave off a sort of warm cozy cabin vibe. It was a successful night as the crowd matched Clairo’s vibe the whole night.

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