New EP ‘Honey’ from KILE J

KILE J, is a non-binary artist from New York and is gearing up for their new EP ‘Honey’. Originally from Texas, they moved to New York to explore entertainment of areas, but most specifically, music. KILE J have is dedicated to create music that highlights the experiences and lives of queer people of color, and they do just that in their debut EP.

“There are moments where you can only understand if you’re a part of the culture, and there’s also moments where I feel everyone can relate to it in some way.” They continue, “The underlying theme of the project is to tell black queer love stories authentically; not only ones about loving others, but ones about loving yourself as well.”


KILE J mixes their musical influences to create a modern blend of pop and R&B. Their work is currently featured on Hunger Magazine, Teen Vogue,, Buzzfeed, and Afropunk. Don’t hesitate to check out this new EP ASAP!

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