Underoath @The Fillmore, Philadelphia, PA

Underoath headlines The Voyeurist tour in support of their new album. The tour stops at 30 cities across North America in February and March of 2022. They stop at The Fillmore in Philadelphia, PA on a warm and beautiful day Saturday, March 19th. Before Underoath took the stage we got to see performances from Spiritbox, Bad Omens, and Stray From The Path.

Stray From The Path opened the show with a ton of energy. They got the crowd amped with their angst against topics like Nazis. Bad Omens recently released a new album called The Death Of Peace of Mind and this is the first tour they have had since the release. They played four songs from the new album, my favorite being Like A Villain of those they played. They put on a great performance. 

Spiritbox was amazing. Personally, I did not expect them to be so great live and I can’t wait to see them again. This show was their ‘home show’ because they are from Canada but their drummer Zev calls Philly home. The dynamics in their performance were great. Courtney has a lot of control over her voice and has a great stage presence. 

Underoath took the stage with a bang. But before they hit the stage a man in an eclectic mask and some kind of accent came out to speak to the audience to help them be more in the moment and experience the show to the fullest. He said things like, “Notice the people around you” and “Feel the presence of your toes.” It was almost like mediation and grounding you into the moment some thought it was weird but some for sure took it to heart. Underoath played a great blend of classics like A Boy Brushed Red Living In Black And White and songs from their new album. They also put on a great performance. I was also surprised by them.

Underoath | Spiritbox | Bad Omens | Stray From The Path

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