Sydney Agudong Debuts With Candid Anthem “Welcome to Hollywood”

Singer-songwriter, Sydney Agudong, introduces her persona “Jayne Doe” with the release of her debut single “Welcome to Hollywood”. Released on January 14th, Agudong takes a firm step into the music world with this candid anthem of sacrifice.

I like me better broke than with broken heart,
But this is Hollywood,
Hollywood baby.

“Welcome to Hollywood” features soul-stirring and mature vocals, moody guitar riffs, and a catchy hook. Rightfully described as “Olivia Rodrigo meets Lorde”, you can easily pick up on Agudong’s musical influences. The lyrical song touches on the struggles and resilience it takes to follow your dreams in Hollywood. She shares what it is really like to try to make it big in a city that is heavily glamorized in multimedia.

It describes my own adversity and experience with pursuing my dreams and it is more of a metaphor for everyone and what it means to put your health and heart out on the line without knowing what the future holds at any point in time “Hollywood’ is glamorized as a place where people can be whoever they want to be and live out their wildest dreams, but no one ever talks about the thousands and thousands of rejections and thoughts of giving up and giving in to one of those critics or “no’s” that tell you it’ll never happen, whether you or someone else is the critic themselves. No one talks about the mental strength and sacrifice it takes to make a dream come true.

Jayne Doe

Though her real name is Sydney Agudong, she chose to release music under the name “Jayne Doe”. She wanted a way to still be authentically herself, while also being cool and original, thus her persona “Jayne Doe” was born.

At the young age of 10 years old, Sydney Agudong, born and raised in Hawai’i and now 20 years old, was writing songs that were being played on local radio stations. As she developed into a musician, Sydney sang in talent shows and competitions receiving numerous awards including the 2010 Miss Hawaii Preteen and pre-teen talent winner.

Sydney now resides in Los Angeles to continue her life as a musician. In addition to her alto register, she is a multi-instrumentalist (piano, guitar, ukulele). Sydney has written songs for and sang on the feature trailer Too Much Love (Kauai Made Films) and two albums for Dubb City Productions along with other talented musicians. Sydney is able to accompany her voice and communicate her ideas across a variety of styles and recording sessions. She is in the process of developing an album and writing songs as she continues to pursue her passions.

Jayne Doe’s beautiful debut sets the stage for a promising musical journey. Make sure to stream the candid indie-pop ballad “Welcome to Hollywood” and to save it to your favorite playlists. Follow Jayne Doe on social media to keep up with her upcoming releases.


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