REMI WOLF, Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH 

Photos & Review by : Seth Brown

American rapper/songwriter, Remi Wolf performed in Columbus,OH @Newport Music Hall on Sunday night. In my first sold-out show that I’ve shot the crowd was insane as the line outside was long, the energy was crazy walking into the venue it was very packed. The crowd waited for Remi Wolf to come out on stage as some of the crowd was chanting “Remi! Remi!” As red and blue stage lights turned on, fog rolled in from the fog machine and Remi Wolf’s crew started walking on stage to get set up.

Visuals on the back wall appeared and lit up as Remi Wolf came out the stage lights lit up and the crowd went crazy as Remi Wolf began to sing “Liquor Store” off of her debut album ‘Juno’. The crowd began to sing and  jump with the beat of the song as Remi Wolf sang into the mic, Remi Wolf started jumping around with so much energy that the beanie that she was wearing fell off of her head which landing in front of me as I was taking photos and I grabbed it and throw it back to her and Remi’s lit up with a smile at me with a thumbs up. 

Remi Wolf

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