Photos & Review By: Seth Brown

American rapper/singer, Bryce Vine, along with special guests Gianni & Kyle and Abhi the nomad, brought some talent and amazing energy to Wednesday night’s show in Columbus,OH. The show opened up with musical artist Abhi The Nomad. The insanely talented artist gave a unique flow to the crowd as he went bar after bar, the crowd started to feel his  energy as he stepped on the stage.

The next duo artists that followed, Gianni & Kyle, they both gave an extreme amount of energy to the crowd right as they came out, their energy was very high as they started performing and the crowd started interacting with them as fans started handing them their phones to take selfies. When headlining act Bryce Vine finally came out, the whole crowd began to shout as Bryce came out with a burst of energy as he sang through the mic to the crowd who also delivered his lyrics back to him, the energy from the performers and the crowd were matched that night.

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