Glass House Point Just Released Their Latest Single “Wash Me Over” Today, 01/28/2022

Glass House Point has just dropped their latest single “Wash Me Over” today, 01/27/2022.

You may remember our previous interview with Glass House Point in June of last year, and this is their second new single since then. Each new release seems to explore a different facet of their eclectic and dreamy alternative-rock sound. “Wash Me Over,” as much of their music, has that hypnotizing sound to it. They do a great job at dashing the chorus up with more energy while retaining the chill sound they have. The guitar solo drives that energy up even more, making “Wash Me Over” a wonderfully dynamic track that doesn’t get boring even if you listen through it over and over again. As their website bio puts it, their overall sound is “Motivated by introspection, surrealism, and ephemerality.” They perfectly capture this sound that they’re going for. On top of the musicality, the lyric of “Wash Me Over” are captivatingly poetic. One way to read it is a story of mental health and social disconnect, using lyrics of the physical to depict it in a vivid and real way. A great set of lines that shows this comes in the first verse, “I break my neck to answer for / I can’t explain and can’t contain for what I’ve tried to rectify / But I can’t erase it.” Wash Me Over is another one of those tracks that make Glass House Point truly stand out among the rest through their originality.

Glass House Point is a Florida-based alternative rock band that has captured a truly original sound. It consists of Dylan Graham (vocals/guitar), Ian Campbell (bass/synth), Dylan Methot (guitar/synth), and Jansen Valk (drums). They have come a long way since their start in 2013, putting on electrifying live shows and capturing a distinct sound with each new release. They’ve garnered millions of streams over the years, and they have found the perfect sound to make themselves truly stand out. “Wash Me Over” has dropped today, and it’s available on all streaming platforms.

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