Photos & Review By: Seth Brown

The first show i’ve shot this year, what a start to the new year i had an amazing experience at Bogart’s the staff was really nice and respectful, I met some new photographers in the photo pit that night as well its always nice to meet new creatives and connect, as we were in the photo pit waiting for Wale to perform preparing for an energetic performance.

The red curtains were closed as the crowd was silent patiently waiting for them to open for Wale to perform, as they opened the red curtains light from Wales set peaked out of the curtains, Wale stepped up to the mic and a wave of energy started to hit the crowd as Wale spat in the mic verse after verse, Wale brought some amazing energy to Friday nights show in Cincinnati, OH, the performers did an amazing job and their energy on stage was amazing definitely a night to remember. 

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