Camille Peruto’s New LP, “Perfect Vision” Out Now!

New Jersey based alternative vocalist, Camille Peruto has recently released her latest LP, “Perfect Vision” which takes on a somber emotion, making it a much different vibe from her previous releases. ‘Perfect Vision’ takes the listener on a range of emotions, from excitement and happiness to sadness and loneliness.

Starting off with ‘Paradise’ it captivates you, playing off emotions everyone has felt before. Peruto will have you trying to sing along with her even though it’s only your first time listening. ‘Lazy Lady’ turn more to that grungy alt sound within the instrumentals, thats paired with her wide vocal range creates this beautiful mash up.

Overall the new LP showcases the talent that Camille has to offer and there’s no doubt that this will reach many people, engaging them to become new fans.

Camille Peruto

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