Eiza Murphy Release’s Powerful Song “Movies”

After charting at #1 on iTunes Ireland twice, amassing nearly one million streams on her debut singles, and featuring on multiple radio stations and publications including RTE2FM as the “Track of The Week”, Music Crowns UK, Earmilk, and Record of the Day, Eiza Murphy is back with her latest single, “Movies”.

Eiza Murphy featured on the cover art for the single, ”Movies”.

Prior to its release on September 24th, “Movies” amassed over a quarter of a million views on TikTok. Eiza Murphy wrote the song while living in London during the last U.K. lockdown. The song is about escapism—imagining your life as it would play out on a screen.

Her emotive vocals sit on top of a hard-hitting production (created by REBENN) that escalates towards each anthemic chorus. Inspired by the energy of artists such as Lana Del Rey and Jessie Reyez, Eiza’s music is narrative and evocative. She draws elements of her Irish storytelling roots in her distinctive and unfiltered songwriting style.

Eiza takes a fresh spin on pop music with a blend of vintage and modern sounds created in “Movies”. Twelve years of classical training empowered Eiza to bend rules and norms, leading to her progressive take on writing.

“‘Movies’ is a song I wrote about daydreaming and escaping reality for a minute in your mind. I thought ‘what would it look or feel like if my life was scripted in a film?’ After the year we’ve just had, I think everyone is craving a little predictability.”

Eiza on the single.

Eiza Murphy is an independent singer/songwriter/producer from Ireland, living in Los Angeles. At age fifteen, Eiza moved to New York to study Logic Pro music production at Dubspot School of Electronic Music where she was the only girl in a class of 20 men and the youngest by 15 years. Since then, she has performed in venues such as Tobacco Dock, Battersea Evolution, and the London National Film Theatre.

This latest single proves that she is a force to be reckoned with. The mesmerizing chorus details different scenarios that could play out in films, giving the song a romantic and playful feeling. The song reminds us that we can be whatever and whoever we desire in our minds. Eiza’s vocals and the songs production turn the notion of daydreaming about “what-if” scenarios into something that is more romantic and anthemic. After hearing “Movies” for the first time, I wanted to immediately hit replay and start daydreaming myself.

Make sure to stream “Movies” and to check out Eiza’s social media to keep up with her and her music!


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