Beartooth’s The Below Tour at The Fillmore, Philadelphia, PA

Photos & Review By: Stephanie Batista

The Below Tour celebrates the fourth album, ‘Below’ from metalcore band Beartooth. On September 13th, they played The Fillmore in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Beartooth hit the road with support from Wage War and Dragged Under. 

Dragged Under really gets the crowd ready for the show. The band played with such high energy. Walking and jumping all over the stage. The crowd was cheering the entire time. Tony Cappocchi (vocalist) played with the crowd and had them sing ‘woo.’ He had the left and right side of the venue compete with one another. Tony encouraged a circle pit to their last song ‘Hypochondria’ and the crowd obeyed. Wage War also played with great energy. Crowd surfers and head banging through the entire set. During their song Gravity, the crowd swayed their hands in the air. They closed with their song ‘Low.’ The bands  did a great job with their performances to set the mood for Beartooth. 

Beartooth starts the show with, ‘Below’ and gets the crowd going, jumping and crowd surfing from the start of the set. The crowd sings along with Caleb Shomo (vocalist) to most songs like Disease, In Between, Bad listener, The Lines and more. They close the show in a great way with, “The Last Riff.” The crowd was cheering the band members on as they really got into the instrumental song. This was a great show for metalcore fans. If you have not seen Beartooth live yet you should! Also, check out their new album ‘Below.’

Beartooth | Wage War | Dragged Under

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