Check out Queer New York-Based Producer ENTITY’s Latest Track, ‘Play Me (Don’t)’

Queer New York-Based Producer ENTITY’s newest track ‘Play Me (Don’t)’ is available to stream now!

‘Play Me (Don’t)’ is a beautifully produced electronic dark pop track both musically and lyrically. The dark bass lines are extremely captivating and add a heavier atmosphere into the music. The synth seamlessly shifts between a dreamy melodic tone and a more energetic and buzzy sound. There’s so much emotion captured in the musicianship of this track. ENTITY’s strong vocals have a lot to add to the track as a whole, and she displays a lot of diversity in her tone. She moves from this breathy tone, to a smooth and dreamy tone, to powerful belting, and to a more beat based sound. ENTITY shows that her voice is a well-trained and eclectic instrument all throughout ‘Play me (Don’t).’

‘Play Me (Don’t)’ is about reconnection, and specifically the disconnection within reconnecting. “Don’t wanna wake up with texts from my ex’s \ I’m better than that but got plenty of blessings \ Whenever you come round you fuck with my head \ Don’t wanna wake up with you in my bed,” the lyrics open. It’s about getting back in touch with an ex and having the emotions run rampant. It begs the listener to ask whether this reconnection is truly good or if it’s just pulling the narrator back into the toxicity of their former love. It’s a thought that most people have to think about at one point or another. It’s a disconnecting and alienating feeling, wondering if it’s worth another shot. The relatability in this lyricism meshes with the emotion of the music to make it a truly strong track.

ENTITY is a queer electronic pop producer and DJ based in New York. This young artist developed a musical passion at the age of 5. Music was a form of self-expression that eventually evolved into a love for multiple instruments and music production. She’s known for her dark electronic beats and gritty ambience that take on an energetic sound with heavier influences. ENTITY’s tracks have found their way into several reviews, interviews, and Spotify playlists. She’s also played numerous shows around New York, and she uses her music as a way to connect with others. Her music is a way for her to love others and help them through the challenges in their own lives.

Check out the music video for ‘Play Me (Don’t)’ on YouTube! It can also be streamed on Apple Music, Spotify, and other popular streaming services.

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