Concrete Castles Releases Empowering Single “Porcelain”

Alternative band Concrete Castles continues to shatter expectations with their latest single “Porcelain,” that was released on June 11th. “Porcelain” is the third single from Concrete Castles, whose explosive debut “Just a Friend” and follow up “Half Awake” have together amassed nearly one million views on Youtube.

“Porcelain” is a song of the exploration of self-image and strength. It’s about having people see you as someone who is fragile and breakable, but then subverting those expectations and showing them that nothing can stand in your way. The empowering and heartfelt lyrics are backed by Audra Miller’s powerful vocals as well as the reverb of the guitar. 

’Porcelain’ is one of my favorite songs (it helps we recorded it on my birthday!). It was such a cool way to express myself and just tell people that you don’t need to be fragile and you are allowed to stand up for yourself and have feelings. Feeling something doesn’t make you weak or fragile, like ‘porcelain,’ it makes you strong enough to handle yourself and be independent. It’s all about breaking through stereotypes.”

Audra Miller, vocalist

Like The Killers and Imagine Dragons before them, Concrete Castles started as a cover band. Except, instead of honing their skills off the strip in LAs Vegas, they have been building their cover presence on YouTube. The result is over 1 million subscribers and a quarter billion streams. 

While the success from doing covers has been gratifying, the band learned that the more you cover and dissect pop and rock classics, the more you understand what about them works. Despite their young ages—vocalist Audra Miller is 19, drummer Sam Gilman and guitarist Matt Yost are both 20–the trio possesses a profound instinct for the intricacies of song construction.  The band began writing their own original music and brought in John and Stephen Gomez (of TWIN XL) to produce the new album and to help bring those songs to life. Their yet-to-be-released debut has already landed itself in many prominent “Most Anticipated” lists.

Concrete Castles has also worked with prominent songwriters including Blake Harnage (PVRIS), Tyler Smyth (Lights, Blessthefall), Jayden Seeley (With Confidence), Mark Maxwell (Lindsey Stirling, Afrojack), Esjay Jones (Alien Ant Farm, Frank Zummo). 

Concrete Castles ultimately shaped a dynamic sound that speaks to the eclectic nature of the band, whose members grew up on everything; from country to ‘80s hair metal to classic rock and emo. Now the band is ready to show everyone what they have learned.  Even though they’ve only released 3 singles and have featured on a track with Bear Grillz and Styer, the band is already on a steady rise. Since the release of “Porcelain,” the band has released a reimagined version of the single on YouTube as well as announcing that they are going to be performing at Bonnaroo in the Fall. Follow their social media below to keep up with the band and to see what Concrete Castles has in store!

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