LA’s POINT NORTH Newest Single “Nice Now” Available Now

Los Angeles-based alternative rock band’s newest single Nice Now was just released on May 14, 2021. It was released alongside a fun and unique music video, and both are available to stream now.

“Nice Now” truly captures the feeling of growing up scene or punk in a small town. Its lyricism depicts a very realistic story of being, as the lyrics state, “the last scene kid left.” It truly captures the feeling of not quite fitting in. Not only that, it’s a story of growth. It feels like the perfect punky coming-of-age tale of growing out of a suppressive environment. It’s the perfect nostalgic anthem for the people who grew up in the same position. “Nice Now” is extremely relatable, but it seems to say that life does get better. You don’t have to change, the wider world has so many people who accept you for who you are. And for those who don’t, screw them.

“Nice Now” also has a nostalgic vibe musically. It truly captures the essence of early 2000’s pop-punk. The drums bring the perfect energy to the beat, and the main guitar line serves as a perfect catchy hook. The vocals jump seamlessly between more beat driven singing and powerful belted notes. The chorus has so much power behind it, and every band member displays a passion and skill in their musicianship. There’s so much emotion poured into this track, and its energy has such a driving force to it. It’s exciting from start to finish.

The music video for “Nice Now” fits the summery energy of the track perfectly, and it looked extremely fun to shoot. The costume changes to create multiple unique characters was a nice touch, and all the middle fingers at the camera throughout gives the perfect punky vibe. The teddy bear in the video is a funny way to show someone who doesn’t fit in. This teddy bear ends up crashing the party of characters who had previously harassed him, and it’s so satisfying. This music video and the song truly share the same energy.

Point North consists of John Lundin (Vocalist), Andy Hershey (Guitar), and Sage Weeber (Drums). They are signed to Hopeless Records and are based in L.A. The band came together in 2017 with John Lundin and different bandmates, but the band was quickly disbanded until they released a cover of Nothing,Nowhere’s Hammer in 2018. They were able to rerelease their debut album “A Light in a Dark Place” later that year. Point North has shown that they can grow through challenges and have come back in the perfect revival.

Nice Now can be streamed on Apple Music, Spotify, or your streaming service of choice right now, and the music video can currently be streamed on YouTube.
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