Elta Wave Releases New Single “Everything I’ve Got”

Singer/Songwriter Elta arrived in London from Jerusalem in 2015 with nothing but a guitar and a suitcase. Following her love for music she worked as a sound engineer all over London while writing her upcoming EP. She’s recently released her single ‘The Fall‘ with a most recent single release ‘Everything I’ve Got‘. Both singles express the raw talent and deep emotion that can be felt with each delicate chord and powerful lyric. Elta is a rising artist and will undoubtedly be a household name alongside the likes of Dua Lipa and Shakira. You can hear where she draws her inspiration with the use of Jazz and Blues mixed with the occasional Spanish verse. Check out her latest singles as well as prior releases here.

“​We are all a part of the same sea, maybe even just waves. My music bears a message of change; Songs you can put on to get you through good time and hard times. They helped me, out of a few storms when they formed in my head while listening to The Doors, Queen, Florance+The Machine and Nirvana on repeat. Then, they rocked stages through great times in Londons live music scene, which made me understand my musics mission! I want to make people feel good, accepted and understood, however they are, and give them a lift up when they are in deep water. hugs E x “


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