Los Angeles-Based Independent Pop Artist Lauren Sanderson’s Music Video for Her Newest Song QUEEN BEE is Available Now

Indiana-to-LA-based pop artist Lauren Sanderson has just released a music video for her most recent single “QUEEN BEE” on May 13th, 2021. It was directed by Erik Rojas and is available now.

“QUEEN BEE” is such a powerful and danceable track that begs to be sung along to. There’s such a consistent flow and energy to it, and it’s extremely catchy. It just begs to be belted out Sanderson makes great use of a raspy vocal tone throughout this track, and she’s proven time and time again that she has so much diversity and power in her vocal range and technique. The subtle rock influences provide just the right energy to make “QUEEN BEE” the perfect Summer bop “Hot mess, hot sex – What if we rolled around all day in my bed? – Do you love me? Love me yet? – Am I makin’ this up? Is this all in my head,” the track rings out with lyricism that is simultaneously exhilarating and longing. It fits the proud lesbian theme that Lauren Sandersoncarries along throughout her music.

The music video for “QUEEN BEE” couples with the track perfectly. It has such a warm simplicity to it. It follows Lauren Sanderson as they experience life at home on a warm summer day. It cleanly opens and closes itself like a book. It starts with Lauren and her partner waking up in the morning and ends with them wrapping up in front of the T.V. at night. The warm, bright summery sunshine gives such a nice dreamy feeling. It seems to beg the question, “Is this the start of an exhilarating relationship or just a summer fling?”

Lauren Sanderson is a proud lesbian artist straight out of the midwest who makes songs mainly focused on experiences in queer relationships. She truly lives up to the name of her debut album “Midwest Kids Can Make it Big.” Her music has received support and praise from sources such as Gay Times, NPR, and MTV. “Hi,” her previous single, has been in popular playlists like Spotify’s “Out Now” and Apple Music’s “New in Pop.”  “When people feel my energy, or hear my lyrics, I want them to feel empowered and use that inspiration to create the life they want to live. To see someone who came from self-belief and know they can do the exact same for themselves. That’s all I really want,” Lauren says. She has recently shifted away from the music industry to create her music independently.

The music video for “QUEEN BEE” is available now, and the track is available on a plethora of streaming services.
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