Queer Toronto-Based Alternative Electro-Pop Singer/Songwriter X. ARI Will be Releasing Her New EP “Anja” on June 25, 2021

X. ARI, queer Toronto-based alternative electro-pop singer/songwriter, is releasing EP “Anja” in celebration of pride month. “Anja” drops on June 25, and is named after X. ARI’s girlfriend whom it shares its name with.

“After a lifetime of dating men I unexpectedly fell in love with her and she’s become my muse and much more. I realized that she is exactly what I need in my life as a partner and she’s what’s good for me,” X. ARI says about her latest single “Good For Me” from the EP. There’s so much hope in the lyricism “I think you could be good for me, good for me – I’m better when you’re loving me, hugging me – There’s something bout’ you kissing me, blissfully,” she sings out in the catchy chorus. Its lyricism beautifully captures the feeling of finding the right person. It definitely fits right with her previous single from the EP, “She Knows It.” They both explore X.ARI’s love and experiences with Anja, and they foreshadow a lyrically cohesive album.

 X. ARI has such a colorful musical diversity in her signature electronic-alternative-pop sound, and that shines through in her latest single “Good For Me.” She has such a diverse range in her vocal abilities, and she explores that well in this track. X. ARI seamlessly jumps around between a variety of vocal tones and registers. It’s absolutely enchanting. The overarching bass line adds just the right amount of musical intensity and the electric guitar solo at the end is so crisp. This track is catchy, dynamic, and absolutely easy to dance to. The heavier sound in these last couple tracks has served them well and has added even more diversity to X. Ari’s already diverse sound.

X.ARI is a queer Toronto-based singer/songwriter who advocates for mental health and the LGBTQIA+ community. She recently hosted mental health wellness workshops and talks in May for “Mental Health Month With X. ARI.” Advocates, artists, and organizations describe just some of the people who came together to put this event together. X.ARI has received several accolades for her music. A couple of these are the “Best Female Artist” award from the Artistic Echoes Indie awards and Music Connection magazine’s end-of-year “HOT 100 LIVE UNSIGNED ARTIST & BANDS OF 2018.” 

X. ARI is set to play at El Cid in LA on June 22nd alongside transgender singer/songwriter Ryan Cassata. This “LGBTQIA+ Loud and Proud Show” will also include artists Mermaid and Nikki Blonski.

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