3dBs Released New Album “Get Your Retaliation in First”

3dBs Released New Album “Get Your Retaliation in First”

The album “Get Your Retaliation in First” has been released by Kent UK ska-punk band 3dBs Down via Engineer Records.

“Get Your Retaliation in First,” explores a more punk-centric sound than any record 3dBs Down has released before. It’s been 15 years since the band released their previous record. There are definitely ska influences linking it to their primarily ska-punk sound, but it takes a more punky direction. Much of this record has a very pop-punk energy to it. It splashes quite a bit of range into 3dBs Down’s collection of works.

This album is strong from start to finish. It jumps between influences but is held together by its punk basis. The track “At my Signal” starts the album off, and it truly depicts 3dBs Down’s shift in sound. The track “Everyone Here is Better Than You” is a great song highlighting the vocals of all three vocalists. The singing takes the stage in this track as they seamlessly pick up on each other to complete vocal lines and build chords. There are areas with different vocal patterns being sung at the same time, and it’s done cleanly and precisely. Another great song is “Well?”, this track is a short dreamy interlude that perfectly polarizes the overall heavier uptempo sound of the album. “Hang in There Man” is one of the songs that pull in more of their ska sound. The guitar’s rhythm and call-and-response vocals give this track more of a ska influence than much of the album.

The closing song “Light on a Dark Day” closes the record strongly. It draws from all the aspects of the other songs that build the record. It jumps between Ska-Punk with more Ska heavy influences and more Punk heavy influences. The vocals and instrumentation are utilized well and close the album off strongly. It’s a lengthy track that tells the musical journey and growth of 3dBs. There’s so much hope in the lyricism and it tackles toxic societal ideas. 

“Get Your Retaliation in First” went through numerous changes and took the band a long time to make.

“It has always felt better when the 4 of us play together, like a cathartic homecoming, like collectively getting something out of our systems, like we need and love to do this.”

This record was mainly created throughout 2019 and 2020, and it’s their first record in a very long time. There were many setbacks along the album-making process. One of those setbacks being the closing of the UK due to worldwide quarantine lockdowns. 3dBs Down grew through all their difficulties to produce a stellar album just in time for their 20 year anniversary.

3dBs Down consists of Joe Cooper, Si Fawcett, Matt Oastler, and Tage Wood. The band was started in 2001 and utilizes three lead vocalists. The Beach Boys and Smashing Pumpkins are known to be a couple of their biggest influences. They released their second most recent album in 2005 and took a break in 2007 after regularly touring. They spent a lot of time away from making music together, keeping it in their life through shows here and there. 3dBs Down is coming back after 15 years to create music together once again.

You can stream “Get Your Retaliation in First” right now on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, or your streaming service of choice. 

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