Ruby Bones Releases New Album, Laser Tooth Tiger

Photo By: Matt Cerisano

Regardless of things slowly get back to normal, The world is still doom and gloom and we’re not out of the woods yet. All we want to do is escape. Luckily, the band Ruby Bones feels the same way. They just released their new album, Laser Tooth Tiger, today on Mint 400 Records. This is a follow-up record to their billboard charting debut. The record debuted at #195 on the NACC Top 200 Radio Chart. Laser Tooth Tiger is a homage to all of their favorite indie rock bands. It really can bring a person back to the nostalgia of that carefree, young, and reckless feeling they perhaps got when they were younger. Laser Tooth Tiger combines overdriven guitars with classic rock riffs and an underlying sense of daring excitement and thrill. It’s a record detailing the trials and tribulations of being young while reaffirming that it’s all worth it and there’s no need to “lose your head” or become melodramatic about how it’s going to work out.
Under The Radar premiered the video for “Don’t Lose Your Head” deeming it “a brilliant indie rock rager with a hopeful core.” The video was written and directed by Brian Lonano (Gwilliam) and received Music Video of the Year at the Coney Island Film Festival. It also was nominated for an Audience Award at the Georgia Film Festival and became an official selection at the Oscar-qualifying Hollyshorts Film Festival.
This album is very relatable, with me being a young adult and all. Many people have memories of those past relationships where they were all nothing but lovestruck in the beginning, then they had second thoughts because they rushed into things or maybe they chose the wrong person in the first place, and they wish they could just get rid of their past life. Dealing with insecurities and regret becomes difficult and they just don’t know how to deal with it. They wish that they could just drink it all away, but they can’t. And then they grow up and they’re dealing with the stresses of becoming an adult now and having responsibilities like college, bills, or a job that leaves them exhausted or with the belief that the world is an ugly place, and they just now feel overwhelmed. We all have had that experience or are currently having it, but at some point, we learn it’s all worth it. The trials help us grow and be more disciplined. Hopefully, we’re able to work a lot of things out before we go into marriage or take care of our children.

Ruby Bones is Chris Fox (vocals, guitar), James Janocha (drums) and Matt Cohen (guitar, vocals)

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Listen to Laser Tooth Tiger here!

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